Dancing Fingers Studio helps shape a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music by playing a wide selection of musical repertoires, including classical music and popular songs. Well rounded instruction will include songs, technique, sight-reading, theory, ear training, composition and ensemble playing. My philosophy and my principal aim is to motivate, encourage and educate each student individually at their own pace to reach their highest level of learning and confidence.

The year is divided into two terms: The School Year and The Summer Sessions.  The School Year runs from September through May, with a break for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Summer sessions usually runs only in June and sometimes, partially in July.

During the School Year (33 weeks), the students receive 26 Individual lessons (30, 45 or 60 minutes) followed by computer lab (20-30 min), 5 Performance classes, and 1 Studio Recital. Since last year, there is a new Studio event – Piano Olympics, in which there is an accent on technique and scale achivements in a fun format.  Performance classes are designed for students to  practice performing regularly. We selebrate the end of the year with an Ice Cream Party Performance Class where each  student  performs  4 songs from their memorized repertoire list.

All the students  are encorage to participate at Piano Solo Festival in March and Piano Guild Audition in May. Students who would like a more rigorous performance opportunity are also encouraged to participate in the Certificate of Achivement (in April) and Sonatina Competition (in November).

During the Summer Session students take  individual lessons and works on some coming projects.

Private Lessons   Students may enroll for 30,  45 or 60- minute private lessons. Even beginning students are encoraged to  enroll for 45-minute sessions if teacher schedule allowed.  Intermediate students should  enroll for 45 or 60 -minute sessions.

  • One on one lessons with the teacher
  • 45 or 60 minute lessons available
  • Suitable for ages 4 and older
  • For all levels of students, beginning through advanced
  • Beginners ages 4-10 will use some of these  books Piano Safari, Piano Adventure, Alfred Library, sometimes I incorporate Suzuki or   Russian Method books. My goal is to developed aural and reading skills at the same time as  a proper technique.
  • Older beginners and more advanced students will use a variety of materials suitable to their level and interests.
  • Students learn at their own pace.

Computer Lab Sessions(usually 20 minutes, but in some cases could be long up to 30-45min) is a tailored laptop/keyboard session, which follows the piano lessons. Studio has various computer programs as an aid in the study of music theory and ear training and improving sight-reading skills.

Note: Students beyond 8 years old should attend the computer session only with the parent supervision.

Performance Classes, 60 – 75 min lengthare scheduled 5 times during the School Year. Students are assigned to a group of 4-6-8 students based on age, ability level and scheduling availability. Class provides students with a comfortable, informal setting to work on performance skills. All Performance Classes are open to the parents.

During the week of Performance Classes there are no individual lessons. All students will receive their Performance Class schedule in September. 

Partner Lessons 

Great for beginners. Learning is more fun with a partner of the same age, and students learn from each other and from the teacher, providing a more varied learning experience than is possible in private lessons.

45-minute  for two students. 60-minute classes for 3 students.Suitable for ages 4-10. Students will use Piano Safari books. This method combines learning pieces by rote (ear) with learning to read music (eye) from the beginning of study. This allows students to become musically literate both aurally and visually. 

  • After students graduate from Piano Safari Level 2, they will transition into Private lessons.Parents need to be committed to enforcing faithful practice and completion of assignments in order to keep up with the partner.

Lessons for Adults, A La Carte

I also offer piano to those 19 and older, at our mutual convenience. These individual lessons do not require a semester commitment, and are available to those out of high school only. These are available during the day only; keep in mind that because these lessons do not require a commitment of my time each week, space may be limited on any given week and only slots booked with me and that get on my calendar will be guaranteed. These are pay-as-you-come. You may book as many or few as you like.